FIFA men’s rankings for October 2021 has been announced with Belgium retaining top rank in October Men’s rankings with a total of 1832.33 points, followed by Brazil at second rank with 1820.36 points.

World Champions France have moved up the FIFA men’s rankings list to the third position with 1779.24 points, followed by Italy which has also moved up to the fourth rank with 1750.52 points.

England dropped two positions to fifth rank with a total of 1750.16 points, followed by Argentina at the sixth position with 1738.79 points.

For the first time since 1997, Canada have entered the top 50 in FIFA’s men’s world rankings. They started the year in 72nd place and have since jumped to 48th.

FIFA Men’s rankings October 2021: Top 10 Countries

•India is ranked at the 106th position with a total of 1182.75 points. India has moved up on the list.

•Senegal, which is ranked at the 20th position, is the best-ranked African nation in the latest FIFA men’s ranking list.

•Iran is the highest-ranked Asian nation in the FIFA men’s ranking with 22nd rank.

•2022 FIFA World Cup host Qatar, the 2019 Asian Cup champion, is ranked at the 46th position.

Rank Team Total Points
1 Belgium 1832.33
2 Brazil 1820.36
3 France. 1779.24
4 Italy 1750.52
5 England. 1750.16
6 Argentina 1738.79
7 Spain 1687.66
8 Portugal. 1681.73
9 Mexico 1672.92
10 Denmark 1668.98

Full list is on fifa/Coca-Cola world ranking



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