In what happens to be an emotional farewell from the Argentinian superstar to his club, Leo Messi explained everything surrounding his contract breakdown and also bid farewell to the club, fans and his teammates.

He was quoted saying:

Lionel Messi: “I’ve been thinking for a few days, I think about what I could say, but I’m stuck. It’s very difficult for me, after so many years, my whole life here … I’m not ready.”

“I was convinced to stay here at Barcelona. This is my home, our home. I wanted to stay at Barça and it was the plan… and today I’ve to say goodbye after my entire life here.”

“I have always tried to behave with humility and respect with everyone in this club, I hope that is what I will be remembered for. The club did a lot of great things, also bad things, but it made me grow.”

“If I dreamed of bidding farewell, I would like to say goodbye to a fully packed Camp Nou. I am grateful to everyone who loves and supports me.

I’ve missed the fans so much over the past year. I think of those who sang my name.”

“Best moment here? This is very difficult. I’ve experiences a lot of things here, but maybe my debut. That was my dream come true. I will always remember that moment.”

“The renewal? It was all done and at the last moment due to the La Liga issue, it couldn’t be done.”

“The news about Barça and Laporta asking me for a 30% salary reduction on Thursday is absolutely fake. It’s a lie. I offered to reduce my contract by 50%, and then they didn’t ask me for anything else”.

“Last year when I sent the burofax, I was convinced. But this year, no. I was convinced with my family that we were going to stay here, in our home, what we wanted most. But today I have to say goodbye.”

Messi on PSG: “It is a possibility, but as of today there is nothing agreed with anyone. When the statement came out, I had many calls, various clubs were interested. But I have nothing closed yet. But we are talking.”

Leo Messi: “The pic with Paris Saint-Germain was a coincidence, completely. I was there with my friends, we decided to take a photo… they told me: ‘Come to Paris!’ but it was just a joke, we were on holiday”.


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