According to BBC, the Premier League is closing in on a record-breaking television rights deal in the United States

Second-round bids for the rights, which have been held by NBC since 2013, are due to close by 18 November. 

The six-season deal from 2022-2028 could raise up to $2bn (£1.49bn) with NBC, CBS and ESPN vying for the rights. 

That would double the current amount and vindicate the Premier League’s approach to selling their TV rights, which continue to increase in value.

In May, the Premier League announced it had rolled over its £4.7bn domestic three-year deal with Sky Sports, BT Sport, Amazon Prime and BBC Sport to 2025.

At the time, this was viewed as being the start of a contraction in their television income.

However, BBC Sport understands the decision was made in order to bring some stability to the league at a time when the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the market was still unknown and the Premier League was already dealing with the fall-out from the decision to cancel its contract in China, that had been worth over £500m.

Whilst uncertainty in China remains, security within the Premier League over its domestic contract allowed it to go into overseas markets with increasing confidence.

In the US in particular, it was felt that there was significant room for growth given the competition between the major broadcasting outlets.

The Premier League’s global appeal – and time slots that do not tend to clash with major US sports – has provided an advantage that is set to secure a deal that could see overall TV revenues from 2022-25 reach £10bn for the first time, once all the deals for overseas rights are completed.

While the last deal that was clinched back in 2015 was worth one billion dollars, the Premier League is now expected to sell its broadcasting rights for double that price.

The English Premier League has become increasingly popular in the United States over the last few years, with three broadcasters currently competing in an auction for the TV rights of the competition from 2022/23 through until 2027/28.

As a result of these financial gains, the Premier League’s dominance is only set to continue. As premier league clubs continue to pay higher transfer fees and offer higher wages than most clubs in the world, the gap could further widen between the teams in England and those from elsewhere in Europe.

For example, of the 20 most expensive most expensive transfers made last summer, 14 of those were Premier League clubs. What’s more, they include the likes of West Ham, Aston Villa and Leicester City, which means the strength in depth of the Premier League is increasing.


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